Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Decor

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These Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Decor are decorative artifacts to have in your home that will make your home look like a natural history museum! Show your guests your dinosaur flair with these pieces of artwork that look like a real fossil that you found and you didn't have to dig it up! They feature very detailed skeletons and come with a display stand. Made of resin. They measure approximately the following: the Velociraptor is 8.1"x13..4"x4.1"; the Apatosaurus is 8.5"x12.6"x4.1"; the Plesiousaurus is 8.3"x12.8"x4.3"; and the Pterodactyl is 7.7"x8.7"x3.9".

Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Decor