Dinosaur Wood Puzzle Models

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These Dinosaur Wood Puzzle Models are the perfect hobby for the dinosaur fan, child or adult. Put them together to see how different their skeletons are. They measure approximately the following: the Allosaurus is 13.2"x5.1"x7.1"; the Brontosaurus is 13.2"x2.8"x4.3"; the Brachiosaurus is 10.9"x2.4"x6.8"; the Parasauropholus is 9.7"x3.1"x8"; the Pterodactyl is 9.4"x18.1"x12.7"; the Spinosaurus is 11.7"x3.4"x7.7";
the Stegosaurus is 10"x2.4"x6.3"; the Styracosaurus is 14.4"x3.3"x12.9"; the T-Rex is 11.7"x3.2"x8.5"; and the Triceratops is 11.9"x2.6"x4.6".

Dinosaur Wood Puzzle Models